Terms and Conditions

    (hereinafter referred to as “Mis tartas para ti”)
  • Registered office: Prado de las Banderillas 24, nave 5b. 28770 Colmenar Viejo. Madrid
  • VAT NUMBER: B86455292
  • Telephone: 678 648 220
  • E-mail: info@mistartasparati.com

The purpose of these general conditions (hereinafter, the “General Conditions”), together, if applicable, with any special conditions that may be established (hereinafter, the “Special Conditions”), is to expressly regulate the conditions applicable to the contracting processes carried out by users (the “Client”) of products and/or services offered by “Mis tartas para Ti” through its website www.mistartasparati.com.

These General Conditions shall remain in force and shall be valid for as long as they are accessible through the Website, without prejudice to the fact that “Mis tartas para Ti” reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, both the General Conditions and, where appropriate, the Specific Conditions, as well as any of the legal texts that are displayed on the Website. In any case, the
access to the Website after its modification, inclusion and/or replacement, implies the acceptance of the same by the user.

The Client is subject to the General Conditions in force at each of the moments of the corresponding contracting, it not being possible to contract any product and/or service without prior acceptance of these General Conditions and, where appropriate, the specific conditions governing the provision of certain services. The temporary validity of the Conditions coincides with the time they are displayed, until such time as they are totally or partially modified. The new Conditions will be applicable from the moment they are made available to the Client, and are thus fully accessible.

All purchases of Products purchased through the Website, after identification and authentication through the user name and password provided, shall be deemed to have been validly made by the Customer and shall be binding. Consequently, the Customer shall be exclusively responsible for any purchases of Products through the Website by any third party who makes use of his or her user name and password. The placing of orders from the Website by a minor who falsifies the registration information shall be understood to have been carried out under the supervision and authorisation of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

In the event of any contradiction between the terms and conditions set out in these General Conditions and the Specific Conditions, the conditions agreed in the latter instrument shall always prevail with respect to those terms that are incompatible, and only with respect to the Products subject to those Specific Conditions.

Products subject to such specific conditions.

The electronic contracting process through the website www.mistartasparati.com , will be carried out between the “Client” and “Mis tartas para Ti“, understood as the “Point of Sale” of “Mis tartas para Ti” chosen by the Client during the contracting process.

Those consumers who are natural persons or, where appropriate, legal persons who properly accredit their status and accept these General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions that may be applicable, where appropriate, shall be considered “Clients” of the Website.

Access, consultation and contracting of the catalogue of products and/or services published on the website www.mistartasparati.com is free of charge, and users do not need to register, although Customers may register as users in accordance with the procedure described below.

4.1 User registration requirements.

It is a prerequisite to register as a user is to provide all the information required and identified as mandatory through the form provided by “Mis tartas para Ti” through the website. The registered user assumes that his/her user account is personal and non-transferable, and both individuals and legal entities may register on the Website.

All registered users will have an access password, which will in any case be personal, non-transferable, will be valid for a limited period of time and must meet minimum length and security requirements. The user may change or recover this password at any time, following the procedure set out on the website. Under no circumstances will “Mis tartas para Ti” know this password, which will remain encrypted in the systems of “Mis tartas para Ti“.

By virtue of the above, it is the user’s obligation to immediately notify “Mis tartas para Ti” of any event that allows the improper use of the identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorised access to them, in order to proceed to their immediate cancellation.

Until such events are communicated, the provider shall be exempt from any liability that may arise from the misuse of identifiers or passwords by unauthorised third parties.

4.2 Unsubscribing as a registered user.

The legal relationship deriving from registration as a Client of the Website has an indefinite duration. Either of the parties may terminate or suspend this contractual relationship unilaterally at any time and without any cause other than their will to do so, without prejudice to the obligations arising from the formalisation of orders prior to the termination of the relationship.

The Customer may unilaterally exercise the right of termination through the account cancellation process.

In any case, once the user has been deregistered, he/she may request a new registration, with the exception of the Provider’s right not to accept said registration in the specific cases specified in the clause entitled “Website Terms of Use” or in the event of a conflict or dispute between the parties, which has not yet been resolved or which has ended with the acknowledgement of fault or negligence of the user and/or damage to the Provider, its collaborators and associates or its users, clients or potential clients.

In the same way, “Mis tartas para Ti” reserves the right to cancel the user name and password, and therefore access to the website, of those users who maintain balances in debt or unpaid.

5.1 Information and availability of the products offered.

All information relating to the products and/or services offered by “Mis tartas para Ti” for its Online Channel will be published on the website www.mistartasparati.com and the following information will be provided for each of them:

Name of the product
Number of servings or relevant information
Product images
Description of product and allergens
Price of the product
Home delivery available

In the event that the on-line channel does not have stock of any of the products requested, “Mis tartas para Ti“, through its on-line channel, will inform the customer of this situation, proceeding to refund, without undue delay, the sums paid for such product / s.

5.2 Phases of the e-procurement procedure.

Once the user has selected the products and/or services offered by “Mis tartas para Ti“, the user must follow the phases of the contracting process indicated below:

Phase 1. – Validation of the Shopping Cart: once the User has finished selecting the products and/or services he/she wishes to purchase, he/she must validate his/her shopping cart, which will show the products and/or services selected, the number of units, the price of the same, the delivery time and the delivery costs.

Phase 2. – Provide billing and shipping information: the user, once you validate your shopping cart, you must provide “Mis Tartas para Ti” billing information and shipping of products and / or services, and must expressly accept, by checking the appropriate box, of these Terms and Conditions of Contract. If you do not tick the acceptance box, the website will not allow you to proceed with the contracting process.

Phase 3.– Select the method of payment: once the user has provided their billing and, where applicable, shipping details, they must select the method of payment they wish to use. Currently, “Mis tartas para Ti” validates the following payment methods: Credit card or PayPal.

Phase 4.– Payment of the total economic amount: the User, in the event that he/she has opted for either of the two means of payment in cash (PayPal or Card) will be automatically redirected by the system to the online payment platform (“POS”) of the corresponding banking institutions.

Phase 5.– Confirmation of the Purchase: “Mis tartas para Ti“, will send the Customer within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time of the effective completion of the payment of the purchase by the Customer, an email in which a summary will be provided, with all the characteristics of the purchase sale made.

This email will be considered “Proof of Purchase”.

Likewise, by accepting these general conditions of contract, the customer agrees to receive invoices arising from the purchase of goods and/or services from “Mis tartas para Ti” in electronic format. These invoices will be requested by the customer via email at the following address


By confirming the purchase, the Customer declares to be aware of the allergens of each product, which are visible and declared on the website, exempting “Mis tartas para Ti” from liability.

6.1 Economic conditions.

All products and/or services offered on the Website have the final price of the product associated with them, as well as, where applicable, any discounts that may be applicable to said purchase. The prices shown on the Website are applicable exclusively to the Products offered through said Channel and for as long as they remain published. The prices of the Products are always shown in euros and include VAT, as well as any other applicable tax, being those in force and legally applicable at that time.

Likewise, all prices shown do not include any applicable delivery costs, in the event that the Customer selects home delivery, these being identified separately before confirming the purchase.

In the event that “Mis tartas para Ti” identifies a manifest error in the price of any of the published products, they will immediately inform the customer, as well as carry out the corresponding publication of the rectification of the same through the website and in the usual means of communication, with the customer having the option to reconfirm your order at the correct price or failing that, cancel it.

Mis tartas para Ti” expressly reserves the right to modify prices at any time, without prior notice. However, in any case, the rates in force indicated on the website at the time of placing the corresponding order will apply.

6.2 Payment methods.

To proceed with the payment, the Client must follow each and every one of the instructions shown in phase 3 of the electronic contracting process described above.

All means of payment provided by “Mis tartas para Ti” are subject to checks and authorisations by the issuing entities of the means of payment (card issuers and / or issuers of payment accounts), but if that entity does not authorise the payment, you can not continue with the purchase procedure initiated, being automatically cancelled the order, and understood not made the sale of the Product or Products requested.

The charge of the price of the products, the costs of the shipping service, if any, as well as any taxes that may be applicable, will only be made at the time of placing the order.

To carry out the electronic payment, “Mis tartas para Ti” has installed a payment gateway e-commerce provided by banks enabled for them.

All data provided to “Mis tartas para Ti” for these purposes, are duly encrypted to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of the same, hosted on a secure server certified according to the protocol “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL).

In no case will be stored by ” Mis tartas para Ti” card data provided by customers through the payment gateway, and will only be retained while the purchase is made, the payment is made and until after the withdrawal period, in order to be able to return the corresponding economic amounts.

Similarly, the user can pay quickly and securely with their PayPal account, without sharing financial information with “Mis tartas para Ti“. In case of selecting this payment method, the Customer will be redirected to the secure PayPal page, where he/she will have to enter his/her credentials and accept the payment. Once the payment has been confirmed, the customer will be returned to the confirmation page of “Mis tartas para Ti“, where he/she can confirm the status of the purchase.

Products whose purchase has been made through the website of “Mis tartas para Ti” will be sent to the postal address indicated on the order form, not being able to correspond to a post office box or public places, such as public roads, squares, stations, airports or other similar. In the event of a request for home delivery of the order, delivery will be made, in general, on the date selected by the Customer at the time of purchase, except in the case of force majeure.

Home deliveries are only made to destinations in THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID and in the time zone from 9:00 to 18:00. “Mis tartas para Ti” cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time within this time zone.

7.1 Deliveries in the Community of Madrid

All our products are shipped within the province of Madrid from MONDAY to SATURDAY, except holidays. It is a requirement that the customer selects a delivery/pick-up date for the order in the drop-down calendar available on the Shopping Cart page.

In the event of not being at the destination at the time of delivery of the order, the customer will be notified by telephone up to two times. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the order will be returned to the bakery in Madrid, and the customer may choose between (i) receiving the order the next day assuming an additional cost depending on the delivery area (ii) or picking up the order at our Obrador. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the order will only be available at our bakery.

Given the expiry date of the order, it must be delivered or collected within a maximum period of 4 days. In the event that the order is not delivered because the customer is not at home on the agreed date and day, the product will not be refunded.

If you receive the product in poor condition or receive a product that does not correspond to what you ordered, you must write to us at info@mistartasparati.com within 24 hours of receiving the order, attaching a photo of the product received. We will evaluate your case in order to proceed with a full or partial refund of the order, or a discount for future purchases. In the case of a full refund, the customer may choose between reimbursement of the order or requesting a new shipment. In both cases, the company reserves the right to request a collection of the defective product.

The refund will be made by the same means by which the order was paid for.

We do not make returns for commercial reasons or for delivery delays that are beyond the company’s control. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you can contact us at info@mistartasparati.com explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. We will be happy to listen to you and, if possible, offer a solution.

Changes and cancellations:

The maximum time limit for changing an order is 48 hours before the delivery date. We do not accept cancellations for commercial reasons, nor if we have not received prior notification of the order number.

When the Product or Products purchased present a lack of conformity because they do not correspond to the characteristics offered, present defects that prevent their normal use in accordance with their nature, or do not offer the services described for the same, the Client will have the right to the restoration of the purchased good and under the conditions and with the means of proof regulated in the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of the Customer Service Department to check the veracity of the defects, their origin and the time of their occurrence.
the conditions and with the means of proof regulated in the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of the Customer Service Department to verify the veracity of the defects, their origin and the time of their appearance.

In any case, the Customer must contact or request the collection of the product from the Customer Service Department within a maximum period of two hours from the discovery of the defect, and must inform the Customer of the nature of the problem, the time and the conditions of its appearance.

Likewise, the Client has the right to have the goods repaired in accordance with the rules of article 118 and following of the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.

In any case the rules on warranty on sale of consumer goods established by applicable law shall apply. If the product is defective, “Mis tartas para Ti” will be responsible whenever it is possible to replace the product, at no cost to the customer. If, for reasons of availability, the product cannot be replaced, the customer may choose between reimbursement of the order or requesting a new shipment.

“Mis tartas para Ti” has complaint forms available to the consumer in the establishment. Any query, suggestion, complaint or claim relating to the online sale of the Products can be made through our Customer Service Department:

  1. E-mail: info@mistartasparati.com
  2. Phone.: 678 648 220
  3. Calle Prado de las Banderillas 24, nave 5b. 28770 Colmenar Viejo. Madrid
  4. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“Mis tartas para Ti” cannot guarantee the technical continuity of the Web Site, the absence of faults or interruptions in the service or that the Web Site will be available or accessible one hundred percent of the time. Nor can it guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful components on the Web Site or on the server from which it is provided

All the information provided during the contracting process will be stored by REPOSTERIA CREATIVA GOURMET, S.L., in its capacity as responsible and manager of the Website, which for all purposes will be responsible for the processing of the personal data of the Customers who have actually made the purchase.

The data collected will be made available to the transport and logistics company responsible for delivering the item purchased through the website www.mistartasparati.com as well as to any other operator involved in the purchase and/or delivery process, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract or contracts with the customer and the relationships arising from them. In any case, before communicating the Client’s personal data to any third party, the Client must expressly accept this beforehand.
The buyer is informed that the personal data provided will be incorporated into a file owned by “Mis tartas para Ti“, being necessary to process their data for the management of the contractual relationship and the provision of services.

For the above purposes, the buyer guarantees that the information provided is true, and is expressly responsible for any possible consequences that may arise from the falsity of such information.

The buyer’s contact details may be used based on legitimate interest to send you, by any means, including mail, email, SMS, etc., information of interest, news and offers on products and services of ” Mis tartas para Ti“, as well as to inform you about advantages you have as a customer of “Mis tartas para Ti” in the procurement of products and services of other companies with which we reach preferential agreements (in no case we will transfer your personal data to such companies), or similar information that you request. To unsubscribe from the service of sending advertising communications you can request it as provided in the Privacy Policy of “Mis tartas para Ti” enclosing a photocopy of your ID in both cases.

The processing of personal data by “Mis tartas para Ti“, the Points of Sale, as well as any other information requested for access and use of the Website, shall be governed by the provisions of the Privacy Policy of the website https://www.mistartasparati.es.

Mis tartas para Ti” has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the confidentiality, security and integrity of the personal data provided, as well as to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access.

In order to keep their personal data up to date, the buyer must inform of any changes that occur with respect to them, otherwise “Mis tartas para Ti” will not be able to vouch for their veracity. The buyer is informed that he/she may exercise, free of charge and whenever he/she deems appropriate, the rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation in the processing, opposition or portability with respect to the personal data provided, as well as withdraw, at any time, the previously granted consents, by communicating this in writing and together with a copy of a reliable document accrediting identity, to the postal address (…) or by e-mail too info@mistartasparati.com

For more information on the processing of your data by “Mis tartas para Ti“, please consult the Privacy Policy.

These conditions have been set out in advance, in accordance with current legislation. Also, “Mis tartas para Ti” makes available to you these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, so that they can be stored and reproduced, thus fulfilling the legal duty of prior information. “Mis tartas para Ti” reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the website, the functionality of the same and / or the contents incorporated therein. You acknowledge and expressly agree that at any time “Mis tartas para Ti” can interrupt, disable and / or cancel access and / or use of the Web Site, without “Mis tartas para Ti” is responsible for it.

In the event that any provision or provisions of these Conditions of Purchase are held to be void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions. In such a case, the clause or clauses affected shall be replaced by another or others that have the most similar effects to those of the replaced clauses.

The parties expressly agree that this contract shall be governed and interpreted, in all its terms and conditions, in accordance with current Spanish legislation. The parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the domicile of the purchaser or to those of the place of fulfilment of the contractual obligation, for any questions or differences that may arise due to the interpretation, fulfilment and execution of this contract. place of fulfilment of the contractual obligation.

Likewise, as a member of Confianza Online and under the terms of its Code of Ethics, in case of disputes relating to recruitment and online advertising, data protection, protection of minors, the user can go to the out-of-court dispute resolution system of Confianza Online (https://www.confianzaonline.es).

Similarly, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 applicable throughout the European Union, REPOSTWERIA CREATIVA GOURMET SL provides users of the Website with the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Through this link, users of the Website will be able to access the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR). In the event that the user has had a problem with a purchase or the provision of an online service, he or she may use this means to submit any complaint in relation to the purchase or provision of services, as well as to opt for an out-of-court settlement of the dispute that has arisen.

To make a complaint about the use of our services, you can send a letter to the electronic or physical address indicated in the “Identification” section, and we undertake to seek an amicable solution to the dispute at all times.