My numbers, letters and other designs

It has become our signature cake!

Numbers, initials, names, hearts, crowns, stars, logos… We can make almost any shape you can imagine, just ask us.

A delicate almond biscuit filled with cream cheese with a touch of vanilla or chocolate. The choice is yours. Decorated with flowers, our delicious macarons, red fruits and mini biscuits.

You can also choose to decorate with chocolates, unicorns, or add a biscuit with age, name or any image printed on sugar paper.

Home delivery fom Monday to Saturday mornings to all the Community of Madrid.



  • SMALL Basic (6-8 portions) 35€

    Initial / Number / Heart

  • MEDIUM Basic (10-12 portions) 40€

    Initial / Number / Heart

  • LARGE Basic (15-17 portions) 55€

    Initial / Number / Heart

  • SMALL Basic (13-15 portions) 65€

    2 digit numbers

  • MEDIUM Basic (20-22 portions) 75€

    2 digit numbers

  • LARGE Basic (30-34 portions) 110€

    2 digit numbers


  • SMALL Special (6-8 portions) 38€

    Initial / Number / Heart

  • MEDIUM Special (10-12 portions) 45€

    Initial / Number / Heart

  • LARGE Special (15-17 portions) 62€

    Initial / Number / Heart

* Special unicorn decoration: 5€ extra per number or initial.

* Additional biscuit with numbers or name: 2€.

* Additional biscuit with sugar paper print: 3€.

* Basic Decoration: Red fruits, mini biscuits, macarons, and flowers.

** Special decoration: coloured cream, chocolates, macaroons, meringues, truffles, mini biscuits and flowers.

If you need several letters to form a name, a phrase or even several numbers, ask us, we will make you a special price.