spectacular decorated cakes


Sweeten your big day with our delicious wedding cakes.

The most original and personalised designs for your event.


Our love for art and confectionery makes us work day by day combining these two passions, to turn everything you can imagine into designer sweets.

We offer you quality, personalised and original creative confectionery.

The perfection, creativity and passion with which we do all our work means that we turn all your special moments into our own.


Many professionals already use our services. 100% handmade desserts adapted to your needs.


We personalise your company events.

My Flavours

All our products are made with top-quality, all-natural raw materials.

Juicy sponge cakes in different flavours (vanilla, chocolate, carrot, lemon…) and delicious fillings (mascarpone cream cheese, chocolate ganache or Swiss meringue cream in various flavours) will make your cake not only beautiful, but also a delight for the palate.