Drip Cakes

The most versatile and trendy cake.

Layers of sponge cake filled with different flavours, covered with a delicious cream of your choice of colour and flavour, and finished with coloured sprinkles, gold, silver or chocolate.

These cakes offer infinite decoration possibilities: fruits, macarons, chocolates, candies, flowers, meringue lollipops, fondant figures, toy figures, funkos, personalised toppers…

You can choose from an infinite number of flavours: chocolate sponge cake, vanilla, lemon, red velvet, blue velvet, carrot, coconut, strawberry, raspberry, orange, rainbow…

Filled with a soft Swiss meringue cream with different flavours to choose from: vanilla, white chocolate, kinder bueno, coffee with baileys, chocolate, nutella, lemon, dulce de leche, passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry, dark chocolate ganache…

Each cake is unique and special, do not hesitate to call us to personalise it to your taste.

Home delivery from Monday to Saturday mornings to the whole Community of Madrid.


Depending on the decoration,

6/8 portions from 70€.

12/15 portions from 95€.