About me

mis tartas para ti - sobre mí

I don’t remember when was the first time I got stained with flour, what I do know… is that it was with my grandmother; she was a great cook, she made great desserts!!!

Since then and to this day I have never stopped my passion for baking.

I studied art and decoration, which is what I have always been dedicated to, but with the arrival of my children and their birthdays, I started to mix my artistic vein with my other hobby, and so, without realising it, I found myself making cakes for all the events of family and friends.

That is when Mis Tartas Para Ti was born.

When clients call me and tell me what they want, from the first ideas, through to the design and the final decoration, they make me enjoy my work to the full.

Behind every order there is a story, that’s why every job is unique and personalised. The best of me is in my cakes, made with love and dedication, because there is no other way to do it so that the result is perfect.

Seeing their excited faces, the photos they send me of their events and that they tell you how delicious everything was, is the most gratifying thing, I wouldn’t change it for anything… I will stay here and I hope I can continue to sweeten your lives for a long time.